Hey guys! Today we are going to decipher what those symbols on beauty products are.

The Mobius Loop: this symbol means that the packaging is recyclable.

The e: this symbol is used on products manufactured in the EU. It basically means the amount of product it says it contains is accurate.

The open lidded jar: this one is super important. Whatever number it has inside is how many months the product will be good for after opening. So that mascara you’ve had rolling around in the bottom of your bag for 2 years… time to toss it.

The green dot: (sometimes not green) means the company will cover costs of recycling the packaging.

The leaping bunny: means the product is animal friendly, and cruelty free.

Hourglass: this is used on products with a shelf life of 30 months or less. It will call attention to a best by or expiration date.

Ecocert: means the product is at least 95% organic.

UVA: contains at least the minimum requirements for UVA protection.

Leaflet: means the will be a leaflet containing more information about the product.

Certified Vegan: means the product contains no animal by products.

Flames: means the product is flammable.

And that’s all y’all! See you soon!

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