Hey guys! This week I’ll be digging through my Beauty Trash with you. Let’s jump in!

Avatara No Baggage Energizing Hydrogel Eye Mask: I like this. Not the best I’ve tried, not the worst.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Buff: I’ve already replaced this. No way was I going without.

Skyn Iceland The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion with Icelandic Kelp: this feels so amazing in the summer. It’s super cooling and refreshing.

Braza Flash Tape: well, I used this more for swatching than anything. To be honest, it’s not like this tape would realistically do me much good.

Avatara Even Out Face Mask: This didn’t help with my pores. I didn’t notice much difference at all in my skin.

Avatara Calm Down Nose Pore Strip and Hydrogel Nose Mask: these nose strips are so stinking cute. I would buy more just because of that!

Avatara Dainty Rose Hydrogel Lip Mask: you all know how I feel about these lip mask things. I don’t really get the point.

Avatara Cool As A Cucumber Hydrogel Eye Mask: this worked very well, and is a much better price point than some.

Masque Bar Oxygen Bubble Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Mask: you guys know I love bubble masks, so I will probably grab more.

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash: I loved this. And it lasted forever. When I run through the other ones I have I’ll probably repurchase.

Sani + Spa Olive Tree Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream: this was nice. I appreciated that it wasn’t overly perfumed. But I’m not sure if I noticed a difference in my hands.

Dream Water + Beauty: we’ve already discussed this in previous posts, but I won’t be repurchasing. It works but at $3.99 a Bottle, not really worth it.

Nigella DS Tender Feel Treatment: well. I saw no difference at all. In fact, my hair may have even felt worse sometimes.

Avatara Tart Orange Hydrogel Lip Mask: what am I doing wrong? Why don’t these seem to work for me?

Bioderma Sensiobio H2O Micelle Solution Make-Up Removing Wipes: these are great. The do remove some makeup, but mostly I use these when I haven’t work makeup and just want to refresh my face quickly.

Avatara Wipe Out Nose Pore Strip and Hydrogel Nose Mask: these worked okay. Saving grace was how cute they are.

Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer: I don’t know how much this actually blurred, but I did like the way it felt on.

Crece Pelo Natural Phytotherapeutic Treatment: this stuff is AMAZING!!! I hope I can fine more.

Model in a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula: I definitely prefer the regular version of this, but this does work in a pinch.

Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher: this is literally the best hair product I’ve ever used. Left my hair drastically healthier.

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoids 2%: I love this brand and will probably be picking up this plus other stuff!

Inglot Sparkling Dust 01: this is by far my favorite shade of these. I will have to grab more!

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Gold Glitter: I don’t much use these stripers any more, so probably won’t grab more

And that’s it! See you soon!

This is not a sponsored post. Some of the items may have been sent to me for consideration or given to me as employee gratis. Some may also have been purchased using an affiliate or employee discount. This in no way affects my opinion. As always, any opinions stated above are solely my own.