Hey guys! Since last week we talked about micro rolling, this week I thought I’d share another technique I’ve been trying it that most people would find weird.

This is my Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool.

Yes, I know. It looks a little scary. But it’s awesome!

This tool details for $75, which I know might seem like a lot. But it’s an investment. The tool itself will last as long as it holds up, you’ll only need to replace the blades.

This tool help brighten, soften and smooth your skin. It removes both peach fuzz and dead skin.

This is made to give similar result as a dermaplaning session at your dermatologist, but is safe enough to use at home.

Because you’re removing a build up of dead skin, and products you use after will be able to work that much better. It’s also said to help with fine lines and large pores.

Blades should be replaced monthly. You can buy a three pack of replacement blades for about $25, so it’s not a huge financial burden. In total, your looking at $75 upfront, and $100 for the next years worth of blades.

Now. How to use it?

You will want to hold the skin taut. You’ll also want to be in the mirror for this, so you don’t use it anywhere you wouldn’t want to.

Use short strokes, and run across cheeks, chin, forehead, above lip, and along jaw line. Avoid eyelids, eyebrows, hairline, nose and lips. Repeat once a week.

Do not used on inflamed skin, or active acne. At that point, you’re just asking for trouble.

You can also sanitize the tool in 70% alcohol.

And the last step is to see your skin improve!

I’ll see you guys soon!

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