Micro-rolling. I know. It’s scary thinking about rolling needles all over your face. But I promise you, even the wimpiest of people can do it. One of my sisters, Megan has the lowest pain tolerance. Trust me. I’ve gotten tattoos and piercings with this girl. She’s kind of a wimp. But even she said micro-rolling wasn’t bad.

Anyway, the one I use is Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller.

It comes with its own handy little case, which we will get into later.

This retails for $30. You will need to replace it monthly, so you’re looking at a $360 a year investment. I have to say, it’s worth it. I’ve seen an improvement in my skin, and had other people comment on it, and to me, that’s priceless.

The needles on this are stainless steel. They are .2mm in length. What you’d get at the dermatologist’s office is much longer needles usually. This is made to be safe for the everyday person to be able to use safely and easily at home.

Basically, here’s what all the things micro-rolling does for you.

It micro exfoliates. It takes small bits of dead skin off. Who wants to walk around with dead skin on their face? It’s not flattering. It makes makeup look less flattering, your skin look dryer. Just no.

It’s helps create smoother, plumper, firmer skin. I know, I know. This sounds like one of those infomercial claims. But it’s true. It sort in creates micro injuries into the skin, which forces the skin into repair mode. This means your natural healing response kick in. It also means more collagen production. This helps soften and refine fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help with dark spots.

It also creates sort of tunnels for your products. Whatever you use after, will be able to enter the skin easier. Who doesn’t want improved efficacy from their skin care products?

So let’s jump in on how to properly use it.

Prep your skin with a hydrating serum. I love to use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. You’ll want to choose serums that have active, but not irritating ingredients. The would include peptides, growth factors, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. You’ll want to avoid things like vitamin c and retinol. If your skin isn’t too sensitive, you can apply things like this after rolling.

You start by running the micro-roller vertically along your cheek, forehead, other cheek, and lips and chin. You’ll be able to feel the right pressure for you. You’ll want to avoid your eyelids and nose. Then you’ll repeat the areas horizontally and diagonally.

The directions are to use the micro-roller 3-5 times per week. I do use mine more than that, and I’ve seen great results, but I’d start with 3 times a week and work your way up. You’ll also want to follow the rest of your skin routine. I like to apply a serum (I rotate between a few), and then my moisturizer.

After using the micro-roller, you’ll need to clean it. You can do this by soaking it in 91% alcohol or boiled water for 5 minutes. Then allow it to dry completely, and return it to its case to keep it sanitary.

There’s also some important things you should know. Do not roll over any inflamed skin, irritated skin, active acne, or eczema.

Some good advice is to avoid sunscreen, tanning lotion and makeup for 24 hours after. I almost never have time to avoid makeup for 24 hours after, and haven’t had any issues however.

And that’s it! So give it a try.

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