So, one of my little sisters started selling Younique a few months ago. She gave me the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes + to try out. I figured I’d share my thoughts here with you. 

When you open the box, here’s what’s inside. 

Here’s what’s in the pouch. The transplanting gel and the 3D fibers. Essentially, you use one coat on the transplanting gel, followed by 3D fibers, and again another coat of the transplanting gel. 

So here’s my face done with no mascara. 

Here’s one coat. 

And two coats. 

And three coats. 

And four. 

And four with my eyes shut. 

I’d say overall, this gives both great volume and length. For special occasions, I’d probably still want to rock some falsies, but for most days, this would be fabulous. 

As the day wore on, I did notice some slight fallout from the fibers, but nothing that wasn’t easily corrected. 

If you’re interested in purchasing, here’s Megan’s special link:

See you soon! 

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